Service & Integrity Standards and Guarantee

At Targeted Visitors, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services to our customers at affordable prices. We believe this is what drives the high percentage of referral business we enjoy along with our growing base of ongoing monthly customers.

Service & Integrity Standards

Our traffic is of the highest quality. To protect ourselves and our customers, we have developed some guidelines and criteria around the types of websites we will work with. Prior to placing your order, please review below to ensure that your website or blog does not contain any of the following:

  • Auto sound or auto video play
  • Frame breakers
  • Popups (Java or otherwise)
  • Adult or pornographic content
  • Content promoting gambling
  • Auto software installers, Trojans or adware
  • Content promoting terrorism or illegal activity of any kind
  • Content that is misleading to the consumer (scams, schemes and otherwise)
  • Content that is designed to damage another person’s reputation or business

Note that upon order submission, we assess the URL(s) submitted and may ask you follow up questions. We reserve the right to decline to work with any customer based upon the aforementioned criteria.

Our Guarantee

As much as most like to think they are perfect, we recognize that we aren’t. While the vast majority of orders are completed in accordance with our customers specification(s)/timing, we are the first to admit that sometimes we make mistakes and/or things happen beyond our control.  We know all too well that ever-changing technology can throw us the occasional curveball. We strive to identify these “glitches” and resolve them quickly so that we can move forward on plan, but we don’t claim to catch them all. If you ever have a question or think something is off with your order, please never hesitate to let us know so that we can make it right for you!

Our guarantee to you is that you will receive the quantity of traffic you ordered (or more) within your specified delivery timing that is aligned with your target criteria. If we can’t deliver that, we will refund your money. Note that we cannot guarantee sales conversions, time on page or click throughs as we cannot control human behavior.

Have questions about our service and integrity standards or guarantee?